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LIBRA Academy Programs


At LIBRA we believe in educating the whole child.  Our Advisory program focuses on students well being, community building, and college and career readiness.

Targeted Learning

LIBRA offers quarterly Targeted Learning based on student needs. Each cycle teachers choose students to work with based on a learning target they are struggling with or if they need extra support to raise their grades. Students are assessed at the end of the cycle to see what improvements have been made.  ILT creates a schedule for which departments/programs have the first choice of students so there is equity based on student needs.

School for Advanced Studies

In 2022, LIBRA earned “EXEMPLARY” Status as a School for Advanced Studies.  We offer a competitive program and are the only SAS HS in our Community of Schools.


Libra offers enrichment classes in our weekly schedule. Students pick their top five choices and are put into an enrichment class if they are not chosen for Targeted Learning, students can choose from classes such as yoga, cosmetology, knitting, Mexican Crafts, Weightlifting, Film Critique, Walking Club, and  Fitness to name a few.  This supports our Student Learning Outcome of Well-being, as it gives students a non-academic time to learn something new!
CosmetologyYoga Enrichment

AP Capstone

Libra is the only school in LD East that offers an AP Capstone program. Students who pass AP Seminar and AP Research in the addition to four more AP classes are eligible for a prestigious AP Capstone diploma. Our AP Capstone students have been accepted to schools like Stanford, Dartmouth, Brown, Duke, UCLA, Berkeley, UCSD, and UC Irvine to name a few.

Mastery Learning and Grading

Mastery-based Learning and Grading is a growth-mindset approach to K-12 teaching and learning, based on the expectation that everyone can learn when provided with the right conditions and support. It offers all students and teachers an alternative to traditional instruction and grading. By refocusing classroom grading, assessment, instruction, and lesson planning on clear learning targets, and by implementing research-based systems honoring individual variation in learning styles, Mastery Learning and Grading allows more students to succeed academically and ultimately take charge of their own learning. One of the most impactful and significant accomplishments at LIBRA has been our progress toward full implementation of Mastery Learning and Grading Practices.  In accordance with the philosophy and practices of Mastery Learning, our staff has aligned its grading and assessments to the following common practices within each department:
  • Universal 4–pt. rubrics
  • Common learning targets within departments aligned to common core literacy skills as well as content standards
  • Re-teaching and re-assessment opportunities based on student assessment results