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LIBRA Academy promotes a student-centered, differentiated curriculum to advance academic growth, critical thinking, socio-cultural responsibility, and emotional well-being.  By building relationships with our students, we are investing in them and allowing them to progress into collaborative and mindful leaders in our community.


LIBRA Academy’s mission addresses the multiple facets of the whole child by providing a relevant, rigorous, standards-based curriculum that is personalized to meet the diverse academic and social needs of our students. The activities and content in our advisory program assists our students in developing their character, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills so they will be prepared to become responsible, productive, and ethical citizens. To ensure students have equitable access to a rigorous A-G program we are committed to providing a data-driven enrichment and intervention program tailored to meet their individual learning needs. LIBRA Academy embraces our parents and community members as active partners in fulfilling our vision for the students of our community.